KONA -Pastel Rainbow Fat Quarter Bundle


Kona Patel Rainbow Bundle is a great collection of pastel colours from around the colour wheel, ideal for projects and Kona quilt making. The bundle includes:
  1. Red - Kona Watermelon
  2. Orange - Kona Goldfish
  3. Yellow - Kona Lemon
  4. Green - Kona Cactus
  5. Blue - Kona Bahama Blue
  6. Purple - Kona Lilac
  7. Pink - Kona Med Pink
The bundle includes one fat quarter of each fabric from the collection (7 pieces). If you order more than one then you will receive  them as uncut pieces.  
Quantity Width  Length
1 x Fat Quarter 56cm 50cm
2 x Fat Quarters (1/2 of a metre) 112cm 50cm
3 x Fat Quarters (3/4 of a metre) 112cm 75cm
4 x Fat Quarters (a metre) 112cm 100cm
5 x Fat Quarters (a metre and 1/4) 112cm 125cm

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