Dream Cotton Quilt Wadding - Request Single Size


Single size - 93" x 72" (approx. 236cm x 183cm)

Quilters Dream Cotton Quilt wadding / batting is 100% pure USA natural high grade cotton.
It is extremely soft & drapeable and is needle punched for added strength.  There's no scrim to resist your needle, it's environmentally friendly and has no chemical resins or binders. We are stocking the two versions REQUEST (the lightest loft ) and SELECT (mid-loft).

Features of REQUEST 

  • Very light low loft
  • Needles glide like butter
  • Exceptional for hand quilting.
  • Very good for short arm machine quilting.

Care Instructions

No pre-washing necessary.  Only 1% shrinkage in a cold wash, air dried.  3% shrinkage in a warm wash, warm dry.  Remember, your pre-washing and selection of fabrics and thread will also effect shrinkage.  

Stitches up to 8" apart



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