Press & Commission Work

I love creating patterns and coming up with unique, mainly rainbow themed projects. I've been lucky enough to produce projects for Quilt Now magazine, which you can see below. There is plenty more in various stages of planning and sewing too, so keep your eyes open. 

I'm always up for trying something new so if you would like to commission me to create something, please get in touch.


Rainbow Unicorn Cushion

Quilt Now - Issue 35


I think this pattern was written for 10 year old me, back in the 80s. Fair to say I was a fan of wonderfully bright and kitsch toys like My Little Pony and Care Bears along with making Lego creations from bonkers bright colours. The Unicorn cushion is a massive 26" in size and looks really striking. 

It featured in Quilt Now Issue 35  and appeared on the cover, yay!

If you fancy making one there is a kit available here


Atomic Kitty Cushion

Quilt Now Issue 33


I've always had cats so this was an obvious pattern to make and combined with some bright colours, I love the way this turned out. The cushion now lives on my sofa and gets funny looks from my cats, although they give funny looks to just about everything!

It featured in Quilt Now Issue 33  and appeared on the cover, my first cover :)

If you fancy making one there is a kit available here 


Geo Citrus Quilt

Quilt Now - Issue 32


I'm obviously a massive fan of yellow and I love the way it combines with green and grey. This quilt took quite a bit of maths to figure out, but I love maths so that was fun (for me). It's easier than it looks, just stripes and HST's and if you follow the pattern the maths is done for you too. 

It featured in Quilt Now Issue 32  

If you fancy making one there is a kit available here


Rainbow Star Baby Quilt

Quilt Now  - Issue 31


I'm slightly obsessed with all things rainbow related so whilst re-arranging my fabric in to colour wheel order (sad I know), I couldn't help but put the rainbow colours on the cutting table. This one is nice and bright but also relatively easy to make.

It featured in Quilt Now Issue 31 in the accompanying booklet

You can buy the PDF Pattern here

Or if you fancy buying the pattern and fabrics there is also a kit available here