About Me

Hi, I'm Paula Steel and SewYellow is my fabric obsessed, quilt designing business. I have to admit, I am also obsessed with cats and cake, so you might find a cat popping up here too, no cake though, I ate it :)   

My Quilting Journey

I only started sewing again about 5 years ago, the space and time seemed to evade me, or perhaps it was the small child running about? I began with smaller things like bags, purses and pencil cases and have finally found my calling with quilting. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started quilting, but what I found was a way to blend the nerdy maths side of my brain with my creative, rainbow loving side. I also found a highly addictive past time but thankfully I've managed to turn that passion in to a business, so phew, I can quilt all day!  

I've been designing quilts and patchwork projects for Quilt Now and Dashwood Studios and you will find some of my patterns and kits on my website. If you would like to collaborate on something or commission a quilt please do get in contact. 








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