About Us

SewYellow is about supplying high quality, modern, stylish and fun fabrics. We stock brands such as  Birch Organic, Cloud 9, Dashwood Studios, Blend, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and Michael Miller fabrics. We're also on the look out for new fabric brands and designers. If its high quality, fun and makes me smile I am definitely interested!

What are we about?

I am mad about fabric, I love that for a reasonably small amount of money you can have a little piece of design and better than that you can then choose how you would like to use that little piece of art work. You can make cushions or tablecloths, bags and pencil cases, dresses and clothing or how about some bunting or a beautiful quilt; it really is only limited by your imagination and skill. Once I had discovered sewing and the endless supply of fabric it really did open up a whole new world of options, have you ever been in a shop and thought "I love that dress but I wish the pattern was different" or "that bag is great but I would really like it in blue," well this is where sewing is great, find a pattern, find a fabric and then off you go. Ok so skill isn't there straight away but with a little practice, patience and sometimes sheer stubbornness you can learn to make anything.


My Fabric Journey

I only started sewing again in recent years, the space and time seemed to evade me, or perhaps it was the small child running about? Anyway these days that small child is now a teenager and despite what you might of heard they are actually quite good fun, but they do have a habit of abandoning you to go and hang out with far cooler people than their parents. On the plus side this does give you time to re-discover some of your old passions and re-learn skills you thought were lost, hence I began sewing again.I began with smaller things like bags, purses and pencil cases. Once I had discovered the joy of buying fabric, making things and selling them there really was no stopping me and I have to admit the most glorious part is choosing the fabric. I personally like fabrics that make you smile and have been heard exclaiming "I have to have that in my life!" on more than one occasion. But that's the great thing about fabric for £3 a fat quarter I probably can have it in my life!