SewYellow's Adventures in Quilting Land

Rainbow Star and Stripes Baby Quilt June 27 2016

Another week another quilt idea.

I'm slightly obsessed with all things rainbow related so whilst re-arranging my fabric in to colour wheel order (sad I know), I couldn't help but put the rainbow colours on the cutting table. This one is nice and bright but also relatively easy to make. The quilt just uses Half Square Triangles (HST's) and plain squares. I'm a big fan of a HST the combinations you can achieve by simply turning them around are great and once you've got the hang of them they are pretty easy to do. Here is the initial layout design I went for, originally it was a smaller star, but I decided it needed to be a bit bigger so added some extra squares. 


After laying it out on the floor, whilst fending off the cat who likes to jump and slide all over them I had all of my squares in order. It takes a while to get all of your HST's sewn up but once you start putting the rows together it happens fairly quickly. Here is a photo of the finished quilt:

I always struggle with deciding how to quilt it, I'm not really very confident with free hand quilting so I tend to prefer a straight line approach. For this one I decided that echoing the star might work well, it also meant I could line up the edge of my sewing foot with the edge of the star and then keep doing this. I perhaps should have made the gaps a bit wider as it seemed to take forever, a lesson for next time perhaps! Perhaps it was worth the effort though as the back really does show the lines well, excuse the photo though a bit more of an iron was needed. 


I hope you like the quilt and if you fancy a go then the pattern can be download here for or you can buy the quilt kit. 

Cotton Candy Quilt Pattern Out Now May 29 2016

Well I've had lots of fun making up the Cotton Candy Expanding Squares Quilt and the feedback has been great; so much so I've written a pattern.

I was so in love with the Cotton Candy Collection when it arrived in store I just had to have a go and with 4 distinct bright fabrics and 4 with white backgrounds it seemed the perfect combination for HSTs. Here are a few early layout photos, notice the changing layout and the post it notes on the large one where I decided I wanted the flowers to face a different way. I also had one of the yellow squares the wrong way up too DOH!

HST's really are my favourite type of quilt as slight changes in layout and colour combos can give a completely different feel to the quilt. 


After lots of fiddling about I decided on the pink centre and used the layout in the right hand photo. This photo then became my layout photo so that I could make sure I got the triangles the right way round, not that it put my seam ripper out of action, there were still a few oopsies along the way! Binding is also one of the skills I am still developing, in my reluctance to had stitch I keep trying ways of machine stitching it on, it's getting better but far from perfect yet, the white border does help hide some of this though! 

This is the finished quilt which is a lovely lap sized quilt and bright and cheerful too. 


I will say that this is the first pattern I've written so any feedback is more than welcome, hopefully I've managed to describe the process well and not left any important details out. The quilt is all Half Square Triangles (HSTs) so relatively easy to put together. You can make the quilt top from a metric skinny fat quarter of each fabric plus 1/2m of the white Kona cotton. It needs the skinny fat quarter as you can't quite get all of the squares out of a normal fat quarter unfortunately. I've put together a quilt kit here which includes all of the fabrics for the top and optional binding. I used the sketch fabric for the backing as we have new grey sofas and I though it would go well, I do think the other fabrics would look equally as good as backing or maybe even a plain fabric. The size of the quilt means that a normal quilting cotton is just wide enough for the backing so there is no joining needed. 

Anyway, I hope you like the pattern which you can download for free here and like I say any feedback is good feedback.